The artworks were acquired over 60 years featuring an important collection of Brazilian Modernism and Informal Abstractionism.

Art as an expression of History

Roberto Marinho’s private collection, including paintings, prints and sculptures began with a bet on artists of his generation. Many of them were still unknown at that time, such as José Pancetti, Alberto da Veiga Guignard and Candido Portinari.

There are also works by Di Cavalcanti, Ismael Nery, Lasar Segall, Milton Dacosta, Tarsila do Amaral, Burle Marx, Djanira, Iberê Camargo, Antonio Bandeira, Alfredo Volpi, Tomie Ohtake, Manabu Mabe, Maria Martins, Bruno Giorgi, and Ariano Suassuna among others.

Besides its focus on Brazilian art, there is also a selection of works by foreigners, as Marc Chagall, Giorgio de Chirico, Raoul Dufy, Fernand Léger e Marina Helena Vieira da Silva.

The collection is a reflection of its time. In the first half of the twentieth century Brazil was recycling itself, becoming less rural and more industrial. New trends of the European artistic movements were gradually assimilated and transformed by the Brazilian context. In the 1930s, painters took Brazil as a topic and language.

Ingeborg ten Haeff

Asymmetric space and the tension between the abstract and the figure are at the core of the work by Ingeborg ten Haeff. In these two canvases the scale is not a question of size: it plays a role as significant as the colors, balances, textures, marks of the pictorial process, and the vestiges remaining on the canvas.

We are grateful to John Githens, a scholar of Slavic languages, professor of Russian at Vassar College, and Ingeborg’s husband for 42 years (1969–2011), for having donated these works to Instituto Casa Roberto Marinho. Their presence in our collection will allow this important artist, who always maintained links with our country, to begin to be garner her rightful place among the history of Brazilian art, partially constructed by artists of other nationalities.

Lauro Cavalcanti | Executive Director ICRM

Artists of Roberto Marinho's Collection

Alberto Guignard

Alfredo Volpi

Angelo Venosa

Anita Malfatti

Anna Bella Geiger

Antonio Bandeira

Antonio Manuel

Arnaldo Pomodoro

Beatriz Milhazes

Beth Jobim

Burle Marx

Candido Portinari

Carlito Carvalhosa

Carlos Vergara

Cícero Dias

Cristina Canale

Daniel Senise

Di Cavalcanti

Djanira da Motta e Silva

Emanoel Araújo

Emeric Marcier

Fernand Léger

Fernanda Montenegro

Franz Weissmann


Giorgio de Chirico

Giovanni Battista Castagneto

Hilal Sami Hilal

Iberê Camargo

Ingeborg ten Haeff

Iole de Freitas

Ismael Nery

Ismael Nery

Jean Cocteau

Jean Lurçat

Jorge Guinle

José Pancetti

José Bechara

Lasar Segall

Lena Bergstein

Luciano Figueiredo

Luiz Aquila

Luiz Zerbini

Malu Fatorelli

Manabu Mabe

Manuel Messias

Marc Chagall

Marcos Coelho Benjamim

Maria Bonomi

Maria Martins

Maria Polo

Marie Laurencin

Mario Sironi

Maurice de Vlaminck

Mela Muter

Milton Dacosta

Paul Signac

Paulo Climachauska

Raoul Dufy

Raul Mourão

Regina Silveira

Roberto Magalhães

Roberto Moriconi

Roberto Rodrigues

Salvador Dalí

Sônia Delaunay

Suzana Queiroga

Tarsila do Amaral

Tikashi Fukushima

Tomie Ohtake

Tsuguharu Foujita

Vânia Mignone

Victor Brecheret

Vieira da Silva

Vittorio Gobbis

Waltercio Caldas

Wanda Pimentel

Yolanda Mohalyi

Previous exhibitions

Conversations Between Collections

Conversations Between Collections

Casa Roberto Marinho

Rio de Janeiro - DEC 15 TO MAR 24 2024

Angelo Venosa, sculptor

Angelo Venosa, sculptor

Casa Roberto Marinho

Rio de Janeiro - AUG 25 TO NOV 12 2023

Trusteeship: Paulo Venancio Filho

Collection in its Time

Collection in its Time

Casa Roberto Marinho

Rio de Janeiro - APR 28 TO JUL 16 2023

Trusteeship: Lauro Cavalcanti

Maria Leontina

Maria Leontina

Casa Roberto Marinho

Rio de Janeiro - APR 28 TO JUL 16 2023

Trusteeship: Alexandre Dacosta

Lélia Coelho Frota

Lélia Coelho Frota

Casa Roberto Marinho

Rio de Janeiro - APR 28 TO JUL 16 2023

Trusteeship: João Emanuel Carneiro

There's a Whole Lot of Joy Here

There's a Whole Lot of Joy Here

Casa Roberto Marinho

Rio de Janeiro - DEC 11 TO APR 02 2023

Trusteeship: Lauro Cavalcanti

Calder + Miró

Calder + Miró

Casa Roberto Marinho

Rio de Janeiro - AUG 19 TO NOV 20 2022

Trusteeship: Max Perlingeiro

Maria Martins

Maria Martins (2)

Casa Roberto Marinho

Rio de Janeiro - MAR 12 TO JUN 26 2022

Trusteeship: Isabella Rjeille e Fernanda Lopes